About Linux Internet Web Design Newcastle

From the infamous technological haunts of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, in the 90s to today’s central location in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed since we started out some 20 years ago!

Sure, some of the team were partial to rocking up to the office in JNCO jeans with their infamous 50in leg opening back when Linux began – a trend we would now swear blind that we didn’t succumb to! But one thing remains the same… our no quibble, fresh and experienced approach to hosting, web design and print design.

We look fondly back at our Friday night curries with Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Silicon Graphics, and our time meeting big wave surfers at Half Moon Bay, experiences that have made us one of the oldest, most experienced and most innovative firms in Newcastle.

Our team of designers and developers live, and would probably do themselves an injury, by the mantra that there’s nothing better than doing things properly, so make sure you team up with the best in the business.

So what can we do for you I hear you cry, take a look at our long list of internet, design, SEO and print services, and come join us for a strong cuppa!

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