Hardware and Network

Why choose our EU DataCenter?

We house our servers at Interxion, Europe’s leading provider of carrier-neutral data centers.

Our Data Center has been built to exacting standards and provides us with outstanding facilities, security, power, connectivity and value added services.

All our server locations are Suntone Certified. This badge of approval is part of an industry-wide initiative from Sun Microsystems, which is granted to companies whose solutions have demonstrated best practices in the areas of infrastructure, operations, hardware, software, storage, security and overall service delivery.

To date, more than 1,500 companies from around the world have applied for certification, of which 160 have succeeded. Our Data Center is the only one to have received certification for all European locations simultaneously.

Behind the Scenes

Climate Control collapse

For optimum performance of all equipment we maintain and continuously monitor a climate-controlled environment with an average room temperature of 22 ± 2 °C and a humidity level of 50 ± 10%. Multiple air conditioning units provide redundant capacity.

Water Detection collapse

Water detection systems are installed in all areas that may be susceptible to leakage. The water detection alarms are relayed directly to our European Support Center.

Security collapse

Our Data Center building is designed as “buildings within buildings,” and are protected around the clock by security guards and monitored video surveillance cameras.

Power collapse

230V AC and 400V AC, UPS, -48V DC with battery backup, and provides continual power. Data Center is backed up by N+1 diesel driven generators with 24 hours fuel storage.

Cabling collapse

Power cabling is laid under raised anti-static computer flooring.

Fire protection collapse

Fire retardant walls, early warning laser smoke detectors (underneath and above the flooring), direct lines to fire stations, and automatic gas-based fire suppression systems provide world-class protection against fire.